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Four wheeler

Four wheeler, ATV or Quads as they are known, are the best vehicle to get you anywhere despite the type of terrain. These All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are specifically known as quadstoo since they are four wheel vehicles.

There are numerous varieties depending on their power and application, so hopefully this guide will introduce you to a number of different types of four wheeler to help you find the specific machine you need.

Firstly, here’s a look at the different sizes of four wheeler you will find available in the market today. Engine sizes are what determine the total amount of power the four wheeler will be able to output and this determines their speed and power to a large degree. Engines are generally measured in cubic centimeters or cc.

The smallest four wheeler you will find is at 50cc. Going from 50cc to 100cc and 125cc are all practically for novice riders since these have a limited range of power and speed and are just right for a new ATV driver to control.

The other types of four wheeler will go all the way up to 500cc, 700cc, 800cc and 1,000cc max. The most powerful four wheeler you will find is either for racing for work purposes. Now with this in mind here’s a brief discussion of the different types of four wheeler, arranged and identified according to purpose of use.

There are typically four different types of four wheeler you can purchase. All of them differ in build as they are specifically manufactured for the purpose intended for them.

Kids Four wheeler

Four wheeler and child

If you want to get a four wheeler for a beginner or for your child to enjoy riding on then you should look for Youth Quads or Youth ATV’s. These are more often referred to asKids Quadsand as they are designed with the novice rider in mind. The typical Youth ATVs only go up to a maximum of 125cc. Most of them start off at just 50cc and these are perfectly fine for young kids to play around with.When selecting a four wheeler for a kid you need to bear in mind the size and weight of the child as body weight is an important factor in steering and controlling aquad.Also consider the safety aspects of the machine and a built in kill switch together with quality safety gear, such as helmet and riding clothes are equally important. Teaching a child to ride is as important as teaching them the importance of safety equipment and handling.

Sports Four wheeler

Sports Four wheeler

Next you have the sports four wheeler or sports quad as they are also know and these are much more powerful. They usually start off from 250cc and go up to 700cc. While the four wheelers are designed to cross all sorts of terrain, whether mud, dirt or gravel, the sports quads are made to be lighter and faster than the others. They also have put a lot of emphasis on shock absorption which makes them better for high jumps and stunts. These are the quads that are used in races and stunt performances. They are usually only rear wheel drive to save weight and give the machine the responsiveness required in racing.

Utility Four wheeler

Utility Four wheeler

A Utility Four wheeleris a completely different kind of beast altogether. They have larger engines, usually going from 500cc upwards. They are stockier, bigger, and focus more on durability more than just speed. They are used by industrial workers such as farmers and haulers. They can be used to bring in heavy equipment and this is why they are built to be sturdier than the other type of four wheeler.

Hunters are getting into electric-powered utility quads since they are quiet and can help them chase after different types of game no matter the terrain. Some utility quads are used for recreation purposes but they are generally bought for their sturdy build that is more suitable for work. In snowy climates it is not unusual to see autility four wheeler with a snow plow for example.

Side by Side Four wheeler

Side by Side Four wheeler

Lastly there is the SxS or the Side by Side four wheeler. These look completely different from the aforementioned types of four wheelers since they are used for actual travel as well. They have smaller wheels, light weight and a customized suspension system. Most of them resemble golf carts with more power, maneuverability and better suspension.

In some places they can be registered for use on the highway. This type offour wheeler is often used for taking equipment and passengers from one place to another, especially when the terrain is not suitable for a regular vehicle such as a car or 44. Being smaller and narrower they have the ability to traverse terrain that makes maneuvering a 44 difficult and being lighter, this also means that they can cover boggy ground more easily and with less damage to the habitat.

Four wheeler Summary

If you are intent on buying a four wheeler it is best to know your manufacturers. Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Arctic Cat are some of the more famous brands that can provide service, parts and backup. It is always a good idea to do some reading up on each brand of four wheeler to determine which one delivers the specific design criteria that satisfies your needs and wants.

Four wheeler airborne

Each of the different brands specializes in a different area, where some are best for sports, others specialize in making stronger utility vehicles, and others specialize in speed and control. When budgeting for a four wheeler, consider the application very carefully before diving in and visiting a showroom, where you may well end up being talked into what is available on the floor rather than what you actually need.

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